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General Information About Direct Debit

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Direct debit is one of the methods of paying your bills. You pay straight from your bank account. With direct debit, you fill up a form with the particular company that you should settle a bill. On the way, you plan on how much you should pay and when you are going to be paying the bills. You can choose a particular date every month, quarter, etc. to pay the direct debit from your bank. Click here for more information on direct debit service for small business. Thus, depending on the set time limit money is deducted straight from your bank account straight to the company’s bank account as per the instructions.

What is the main difference between a standing order and a direct debit?

fddfddfdfdfdfssThe primary difference between a direct debit and a standing order is that a with a direct debit with your consent the company can change the amount being received and the date of payment. However, with a standing order only you have the authority to make any amendment.

What is the mode of information if the company changes the direct debit?

A written notification is the most acceptable method of communication for such a change. You should expect to get a written disclosure in a statement from the person you pay the bill to. The letter should be addressed to you or should be part of your report. The other alternative which is not encouraged because of the risk it poses General Information About Direct Debit (not receiving the communication) is through electronic communication e.g. email, or your web account with the company.

What happens if the bank account does not have enough money to settle the direct debit?

Does your current account have a buffer zone? A buffer zone is an interest-free overdraft that the bank will not charge you. However, if and when you exceed the area of separation that is recommended by your bank and building society the bank or building society will not settle the bill on your behalf and you may be charged interest as well.

What is the relationship between direct deposit and credit report?

gfgfgfgdsdsdsIt is not common that your direct deposit will show on your credit report. This is because the monthly payment through your direct debit may not necessarily show on your credit report. This is the practice as most companies only give details of the amount that has not been remitted to them. A credit agency may also not have full information of the accounts you hold with various companies and if you paid the money or not.